My Marriage Secrets

My husband and I have been living together for 49 years. Next year, we are going to celebrate our 50 years of successful marriage together with our children, grandchildren and close friends.Relationship & Marriage Counselling  Many are wondering as to how we were able to go this far, especially in today’s time when only a few people believe in lasting love. Well, I am not sure if our marriage secrets would apply to every couple out there, but it worked for us so I am sharing them nonetheless. When we took our vows, we were pretty certain that there would be challenges ahead. But for our almost five decades of marriage, there was never a time that we let any of those challenges bring us down. In fact, we turned them into opportunities to become even stronger as a couple. At one stage we’d to go for a marriage counselling, just to have an expert advice and tips in order have a fulfilling relationship in future. This is where many couples fall short. Some couples are not strong enough to win their battles, because instead of fighting together they start blaming problems on each other. When you and your husband are faced with a challenge, blaming each other should never be an option. Remember that when you get married, you become life partners. Partners always work together.

Well, to be honest, love is not a single formula game. Its takes time effort and commitment to build up a relationship that will last a lifetime. Commitment is not just about thinking of doing something. It is about moving heaven and earth to do that which you vowed to do. It is not just finding time to do it, but making time to do it. It is about always putting your best foot forward and never letting anything get in the way of you achieving your goal. When I married my husband, we both promised each other that we were going to make our relationship work, no matter what may come.We even decided to go for marriage counselling if we needed For almost five decades, we have always made our relationship a top priority.

The next secret that I am going to share is very simple. Enjoy the company of each other. One of the many reasons why some marriages do not make it to a decade is because they give up when they feel that they have already lost the spark. Actually, it is not the spark that should dictate how long you should stay as a couple, keeping the fire burning is your task as a couple. The spark depends on the effort you exert to make your relationship work. Love is not about seeing if things will work, but about always choosing to make things work. Especially for couples who have been together for a long time, it is normal to feel the lack of excitement at times. But such feelings need not be permanent., there are so many ways by which you can still enjoy each other’s company no matter how long you have been together. There are so many things to talk and laugh about, and so many things that you can do together. The more you feel bored about your relationship, the more you should choose to stick together.

Another marriage secret that every couple should learn is forgiveness. No married man or woman can claim that he or she has not done anything wrong in the course of their marriage. At some point, at least you or your husband will commit a mistake, and that’s normal. The secret to ensuring that your relationship does not get stained is by forgiving and forgetting—always. Forgiving without forgetting is useless. When you forgive, learn to let go. And never hate your partner just because he committed a mistake. Do not let his mistakes define him, because the last thing you should do to your husband is to judge or criticize him. Remember that you have your own flaws, too. You should not expect him to be perfect because you are imperfect yourself.

Having been married for fifty long years, I cannot say that we are a perfect couple. Like all couples out there, we have also had our own share of ups and downs. But what made us as strong as we are today is our optimistic view of each other. The most successful marriages known are made by couples who think positive about each other. They are those couples whose partnerships are characterized by much affection and respect. They are those who recognize the need to demonstrate their love and appreciation for each other. Just because you have been together for so long doesn’t mean that it is okay to be cold towards each other. In fact, the more you get old together, the more you should make each other feel beautiful and loved. It is truly inspiring to see couples who have survived decades together and have remained sweet towards each other, even as sweet as they were during their courting stage. They still go out on regular dates and plan surprises when there are special occasions to celebrate.

Perhaps the most important marriage secret that I am going to share is this–choose to love your partner despite of everything. You will never find a partner who shares exactly the same values as you do, but there is definitely someone out there who will make you feel home. In order to achieve a lasting marriage, it is important that you share a common goal as life partners, and you both strive to achieve that goal despite the occasional misunderstandings brought by your individual differences. Ever since I married my husband, I have discovered lots of things about him which I didn’t know when we were still dating. Some of those are positive, while some are negative. But despite the negatives, I have always chosen to stick with him because nothing has ever been bigger than my love for him. We have always kept our eyes on our goal—to make our marriage successful and keep our families happy all the time. Knowing we’re celebrating our 50th year next year, I think we’re are on the right track.